Life Choices

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I believe in woman empowerment. I believe as women we have the power to make or break our destiny. In spite of how we perceive ourselves, we have the power needed to change the course of our lives. All we need to do is do more than make excuses.


We fall short of confidence in ourselves sometimes. Cope with mediocrity just because we are scared to take a leap. Maybe a leap of faith or a leap to our desired destiny. I’ve come to learn that all it takes is a simple step. A mere act of faith. Faith in something bigger than us. Yes, faith in a bigger entity than ourselves. Faith in the strong arms of our God (if you believe in His existence).

I long for the day that a woman would leap forward and refuse to be taken for granted. Refuse to partake in the shortcomings of others and refuse to make excuses on behalf of others. And just acknowledge that yes she is fearful. Afraid of the future, and the unknown. But yet have faith in herself to create a better tomorrow. Have faith that God will not leave her desolate.

I believe in the concept ‘the best is yet to come.’ In the sun shining brighter than the former days. Yes, the latter’s sun shines brightest. I got to have the pleasure of getting close to this young lady with two kids who against all odds decided to take a leap of faith and the sun shone and is still shining brighter than ever. Every time I look at her, I see strength, I envy and admire her persistence and her will to make a decision. It only takes a decision to change mediocrity and replace it with a worthy life.

Take a leap of faith today. Believe in yourself, believe in your God, but most of all love yourself, enough to reject any act of abuse especially that enabled by you. We are all accountable for ourselves.


About cessyiel

Am about your average girl, very opinionated. I live in a glass half full world. In my world, every hurdle is a stepping stone to greatness. Every wall hides behind it bronze when I knock it down, and another appears, behind it there is silver. When stubbornness persists, and another emerges suddenly, the surety in my heart is that there is gold. I believe in possibilities with the right motion set in place. Writing is my comfort zone, and I put my heart out to express how we ought to respond to life and its many hurdles.

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