Jungle Moments

There is nothing as beautiful and astonishing as nature -The beautiful animals which beautify the wild. It’s like a rose in a flower Garden. It brings the very essence of beauty into our yearning eyes. I love nature. Among every other thing I love most, I think this takes number two best thing I adore in life. Nature calms you, relaxes your mind and takes away most of the stress one has. When I see nature I see beauty and think of the magnificence of the one who made it.


This is one animal I admire, not my favorite but it warrants my admiration. Kinda like the Proverbs 31 woman. The lioness helps the male in marking the territory, and she is the primary hunter. I once saw in a documentary where a lioness hunted for food and then left the male to eat first. I mean wooow!!! She really makes me admire her, not many of us can do that. You think we have a lesson to learn from the lioness or not? She also takes care of the young ones….. My goodness, she really has her hands full.



Just chill-axing in the wild. Roaring to mark her territory.


received_10153269185210877Growing up being a fan of story books, I read and heard so many bad stories about the hyena. Aside from grandma fables and all, secretly, I think I liked the animal. I remember the first time I saw it, was overly excited and too quick to take its photo. Either way here is something interesting I learnt about this mysterious creature. Spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta): Africa’s second largest carnivore (after lions) is also one of the lion’s greatest competitors for prey.



The world’s largest terrestrial mammal in the world. Very fascinating. There are only two species, that is, the Asian elephant and the African. This one specifically is from Tanzania.



Have you ever wondered how the feet of the elephant can accommodate all that weight, and manage it in a lifespan of up to 70 years? Well wonder no more, this big one has a spongy pad foot with four or five toes and toenails. The pad acts as a cushion with each step, absorbing the impact and taking some strain off the leg.



The African Buffalo remains quite an enigma with its ancestry remaining unclear. Contrary to people’s belief it is not an ancestor of the domestic cattle. It is only distantly related to other larger bovines.


This large animal has never been domesticated unlike the water buffalo. Owing to its unpredictable nature it is highly dangerous to humans.



The giraffe is the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant in the world. I just love the pattern on the skin of this creature.



Zebra, this was my mama’s favorite, usually wonder what she saw in them, that is from the perspective of a person who loves Tigers, feisty stuff. But I think it is their beauty. I mean who wouldn’t admire that pattern on them. Beautiful! I think God must have been very satisfied after creating such.



So, they say we came from this creature… Really! Whoever came up with that, really!!!! But these unique creatures have a bare ass that gives them a good surface to sit on. Another thing I find fascinating is that the red ass of the baboon is also a swelling that occurs in females around ovulation when they are most fertile. With a redder and more swollen ass, the males can tell that a female is ready to reproduce. The females with redder ass get’s picked more by the males. You see it wasn’t all bad, apparently it’s their beauty spot. I now believe that the fallacy of beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Again who said we came from…. Ok, I think you had your reasons.


Looks so keen, as if it is listening to some conversation or something. I still don’t buy the story that we came from these interesting creatures. Them being our ancestors doesn’t sit very well with me.



This little one decided to come and see what the humans were up to. Got a little curious, maybe it heard that someone somewhere was talking about us being his cousins. Maybe it wanted to confirm if our noses look like his or maybe we did have a tail like his.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! And loved this side of nature.


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