The Hand of Time



It’s so sad when things don’t work while we had anticipated them to do so. The feeling itself brings with it such a foggy feeling in our heart. We can almost taste despair and loss of hope knocking at the door. What to do, what to do…


In such instances, what happened doesn’t really matter more than what happens. What you do is more important than what you did. In essence, I am trying to say what your next step is. Your next step is more important than your previous one.


Imagine this, when it clocks 0000hrs or as most call it 12.00am, we are stepping into another day. 0001hrs means nature has already taken its course; a day has begun and as the clock ticks, it goes clockwise rather than anti-clockwise.


More often than not we find ourselves dwelling in the past. The past mistakes, “what ifs” and “had I knowns”. These thoughts are the common hypothesis we like to associate with in our lives on what ought to have been. Have you ever tried to imagine if you had not taken that path you wouldn’t have come out wiser?


Just like the clock goes clockwise rather than anticlockwise, attempt to move with time. You can never change the hand of time. There is no day 21.02.2016 0800hrs will ever repeat itself. So don’t let your thoughts be stolen by the anticlockwise pirate of negativity. Like a blooming flower, bloom to the expected possibilities of life. Good awaits in the future.



Regrets are the worst kind of feelings or momentary soliloquy I don’t like having. I avoid them like a plague on my face in front of a runway stage. These things are depressants, and I don’t like them. What I don’t like I eliminate. Not that they don’t come dancing on the door of my ears or the windows of my heart- They do but I flood them with what I can do to make things better.


Have you ever read the quote of Lord help me to change the things that I can and accept the things I cannot. Well, though I don’t agree with the last bit of the quote, I have a motor which I adhere to like the law of the land. When am stressed about an issue, I try to change it if I can. I will think of ways and means and won’t settle until I find a way. Then I set on doing it, and that is done. When I see it’s beyond my means, and it can only take an immortal being to accomplish it, I tell God to help me, and that is that.


Ok! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it doesn’t disturb me every few second, but I try to flush it out. Convince me of my inability to do it except God. I do that consistently, muse and meditate upon it and once my mind is settled, stress is kicked away like Yego throwing a javelin through over 92.72 meters and more.


Try it today. Don’t stress yourself over things that would have been or the gone yester years. You are in the now and only a living man/woman has a chance to get what they want. You are better than a man with grand dreams in the grave. Take a step into what you want. Face the fears you have in your life and try flushing the regrets down the sewage of disappointments.


About cessyiel

Am about your average girl, very opinionated. I live in a glass half full world. In my world, every hurdle is a stepping stone to greatness. Every wall hides behind it bronze when I knock it down, and another appears, behind it there is silver. When stubbornness persists, and another emerges suddenly, the surety in my heart is that there is gold. I believe in possibilities with the right motion set in place. Writing is my comfort zone, and I put my heart out to express how we ought to respond to life and its many hurdles.

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