The East African Beauty

There are different types of Antelopes in East Africa, nearly 90 species in Africa. Their diversity is not only in the different sizes but also their beautiful head gear. These grassland and bush beauties give a captivating sight. I have five types of them for you to enjoy.








The impala inhabits savanna grasslands and woodlands in close proximity to water sources. It has elegance that exceeds most of its species. Only the male having horns.


Thompsons Gazel


Being the Cheetah’s favourite dinner, it has thin, short horns, long legs and a brilliant ability to change direction often and abruptly to try and remain safe from being a meal to its hunter.




A subspecies of the tsessebe, an African antelope, they are a highly social and fast antelope species of the genus Damaliscus. It has a fascinating look of a goat like animal that has a size of an ass.


Common Eland


It is the second largest antelope on African soil, and one of the best looking too.

Grants Gazelle


The Grant’s gazelle is found in East Africa and lives in open grass plains and is frequently found in shrub-lands; it avoids areas with high grass where the visibility of predators is compromised. They also occur in semiarid areas and are relatively well adapted to dry areas. They can subsist on vegetation in water-less, semiarid areas, where they face little competition.


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