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Light at the end of a tunnel

Source: Light at the end of a tunnel


Light at the end of a tunnel


Now that January has come at a halt, almost everyone is filled with jubilation. I can almost taste the sigh of relief on every citizen with responsibilities hanging over their shoulders

January carries with it a stench of presumptions about how life is difficult. The financial constraints due to the tons of responsibilities one has to accomplish. Children are going back to school, the need for uniforms and what have yous… Failing to meet the needs, the songs your kids will sing of how ‘akina’ Tonny had nice new shoes they could almost see their faces on it will remind you. You know how children know how to nag til they get their way.

Your weave from December is generating a stench that says Christmas was over last year. Now you have to cook new hair styles that Runway has never seen because they will have to give you an award.

Either way, despite our presumptions or realities, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing is forever and as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

You are now strong to venture into the rest of the year with the prospects of the blessings you saw in this year. Let the challenges of yestermonth be just that. Gone and forgotten. There is something ahead. You see, being positive ain’t hard. Have a positive attitude and God will work with you to fulfill your expectations.